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Industry Leaders in Engineered Rubber Products

> Established in 1996
> 2,000+ Customers Served
> 50+ Years of Industry Experience

Our Products

Our Products

Machinable Rubber Tubes

Superior and durable machineable tubes obtained from our expertly refined, proprietary process.

Rubber Compounds

Superior rubber compounds designed in accordance to international specifications.

Rubber Moulded Goods

Precision parts with critical specifications built to absolute accuracy.


PU Moulded Goods

Large PU moulded products created with our specialised processes and delivered immediately.

Machinable PU Tubes

Our polyurethane (PU) machinable tubes come in a range of sizes. Excellent machinability and working life ensures

100% customer satisfaction. Contact us to know more.


Quality You Can Trust. Expertise You Will Admire.

Global Industry Expertise Built over 25 Years

Consistent Compounds with 100% Efficiency

In-Depth Consultation and Prompt Service

Our Happy Customers

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Get In Touch
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