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Established in 1996 by Abbas Bootwala, EMA Rubber Industries (Pune) is a pioneer in India's Rubber Industry and has been a consistent leader in the rubber manufacturing sector over the last 3 decades.  
Through proprietary high-performance rubber compounds and a relentless focus on innovation we have redefined component design for automotive, engineering, and nuclear applications in India.  

Equipped with a broad size and capacity range of moulding machines for producing critical precision products, we offer a spectrum of products to a diverse range of clients who are local and global, large and small. We are known to consistently introduce international quality and precision designed products to the market.

With over 40+ years of experience in the rubber industry, our CEO, Abbas has advised companies such as Tata Motors, Premier Automobiles, Western Naval Command, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., Intervalve, and KTR Couplings etc. on component design and high-performance polymer development for specialty applications. 



Abbas is the Founder and CEO of EMA Rubber Industries (Pune). He has been involved in the industry since an early age, often following his father around the factory, tinkering with machinery and getting his hands dirty wherever possible. After completing his Grad PRI from the National College of Rubber Technology, London, he returned to India in 1980 and joined the family business - Ema Rubber Industries Mumbai. In 1995, Abbas moved to Pune to be a part of the  fast growing engineering and automotive industry. 


Abbas initiated Pune's first Rubber Technology course in 2010, and has been an active faculty member since then. Abbas also actively invests his time and energy to grow and develop India's rubber industry. In his time as the chairman of the All India Rubber Industries Association (Western Chapter), where he initiated multiple skill upgradation courses and workshops to help up-skill the workforce in the industry. He continues to offer pro-bono consultations to young entrepreneurs and startups who are looking to set up rubber manufacturing units.


He has been a dedicated Rotarian for the last 3 decades and has worked extensively with mentally challenged children since his college days. He is passionate about career counselling for school children and enjoys tinkering with cars and anything mechanical. 



Zaeem joined the company in early 2022 and is the COO at EMA Rubber Industries (Pune). After graduating with a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Central Lancashire, Zaeem returned to Pune in 2007 and has spent the last decade and half building Fortius Marketing LLP ground up. 


At Fortius, Zaeem built the frameworks for Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Finance, Accounting, HR, Customer Service and Back-end Systems implementation. He is meticulously well planned and methodical, and deeply subscribes to the kaizen philosophy. He hopes to leverage his experience building Fortius to usher EMA Rubber Industries Pune into its next phase of growth. 


Zaeem is an avid learner and has a wide range of interests and pursuits. He is extremely disciplined and has been routinely carving time to engage in rock climbing, taekwondo, yoga, hindustani classical vocals, urban farming, birdwatching, playing the guitar over the past decade.


Zaeem has integrated his passions into the dynamic EMA campus in Kharadi, actively transforming the local greenscape and fostering an appreciation for plants and urban agriculture. By planting numerous trees and establishing a versatile fitness studio and a rock climbing wall, he has not only added a touch of greenery but also created spaces that promote both well-being and sustainable urban practices.


We are focused on building an inclusive environment that’s welcoming for everyone who works at EMA Rubber Industries (Pune). We do this by empowering people here to connect with each other, build community, and do work that is meaningful for them, for our company, and for the people who use our products.


What We Value

Live in the Future

Continuous innovation requires us to relook at our process, systems and products as often as possible. We leverage technology to create transparency, this leads to faster and better decision making. 


Focus on Long-Term Impact

As a team we reuse, repurpose, reduce (waste) as much as possible without compromising on process improvement or product integrity.


Build Awesome Things

We believe creative thinking leads to constant improvement. We suspend our own assumptions multiple times and earnestly seek feedback before we implement once. 


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